Thursday, October 27

The hard work that is the synopsis

As I am working on my first novel, I come to think of a lot of questions. How to do several tasks involving my novel, except from writing it. I think that's going pretty well right now. But what about the synopsis?

Writing a story is hard enough. How to build up the plot, when to give the reader some ease, and how to introduce characters. All that is bridges that I must cross, but the synopsis is something that I'd really want to shine. I've tried a few times, and this is what I have at the moment.

Jack Colson is a political science student, currently living in Texas. He is an idealist and a dreamer. He refuses to 'grow up', which to him is the same as giving up principles and replacing them with pragmatism.
In an attempt to make a difference, he gets involved in a death row inmate's final struggle. His principles will be put to the test, in a struggle with the reality that he suddenly finds himself in.
Do I give too little of the story away? Is this enough to persuade people to purchase the book? It will probably not cost more than $2-3, but to get those clicks, the synopsis has to stand out. This is probably just a very early draft, and I will most likely write and rewrite it several times. Any tips?

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