Monday, October 17

Designing the cover

I have started to design my book cover. I have only made one sample yet, and as I'm not sure that it reflect the story enough, I'm still working on it.

Death is, of couse, involved in a novel depicting issues like the death penalty, but how bloody do I want the cover to be?

What is your opinions on this cover? What kind of book do you think is behind it? Is it a gory horror book? Is it possible to have a romance developing in a book with a cover like this?

I am all new to both writing books and designing covers, but the inspiration to write this book is so strong that I need to learn more about it. I'd really appreciate your input!

Thanks to @TortugaTess who suggested another font. I'll consider using it.

Update: I have been asked to include a short synopsis so that it could be easier to give feedback, so here I go. Jack Colson is a political science student, currently living in Texas. He is a stubborn idealist, and a dreamer. He refuses to 'grow up', which to him is the same as giving up principles and replacing them with pragmatism. In an attempt to make a difference, he gets involved in a death row inmate's final struggle in his final days. Later, his principles are put to the test when his life is brutally changed. 


  1. It's pretty difficult to make judgment based on someone else's perspective of the story. I can't look at the cover art pictured and even guess what the story is about, except it includes blood. My personal opinion is it needs more images...less blood I'm not so sure about. The only thing I can say for sure is, I wouldn't pick up he book solely based on that cover and title. But...that sort of thing is very subjective. My book cover is very plain and I count on the title to intrigue the reader, I didn't want to take away from the title. I admire you asking for opinions from strangers! And, other authors at that. Some can be quite catty and LOVE to give the benefit of their experience (talk down to others) and very blunt. Not sure that's what you're looking for, but I wish you much luck and I will be following to see your progress. The story sounds interesting ~ K

  2. Thanks for the input, Kathleen! I need to make several covers, so that I have something to choose from. My hope is that the cover will generate hits, and that the synopsis does the job from that point in securing purchases.

    I find it natural to ask around in the blogosphere, and I will try to do that in other aspects of the book project as well.

  3. Hi!

    My first instinct based solely on the cover is that it's some sort of hard boiled or police based mystery. And that the first victim shown in the novel died in a bloody alley.

    From the synopsis (and only the blurb) you gave. I'd say that, if the majority of the book is spent talking about and dealing with the jail cell you might want to include that, barred windows and concrete blocks are a good start. Also, they would make the blood show up more.

    But that's just me.