Thursday, November 3

Moving on from introduction

As this is my first novel that I'm trying to put together, everything is new. Nothing I've ever written has come close to this. Then, it is important to manage the different phases in a good way. That's the trick I'm focusing on right now.

I have a draft of my introduction quite ready, and I'm ready to start punching down those plot points that create the story. What’s the point with my characters if they don't do something, right? The transformation, however, seems hard, and I'm kind of in a rut. I'm trying to compensate for that by just writing down the plot points that have developed the most inside my head, and go from there. To patch it all together will be a task for a later day. I thought I could write the novel from A to B, but it just isn't possible. Does anyone really do that? 

I'm glad that I've come to this conclusion, because it's the plot points that I am writing on right now that is going to define my novel. It is exciting to move on from the introductory phase, and start the plot, drive the story, engage in the dilemmas and the moral dilemmas. Well, I'm off to the writing again!

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