Sunday, October 16

My first book project, Fighting Death
"The only time Jack is apathetic about politics, is when it involves politicians." Jack Colson is somewhat of a socially awkward student, an idealist who gets into a struggle with his own principles.

As I am still in the early fifties - that is, on the page count - I still have a long way to go. The plot outline is, well, outlined, and I write in every spare moment. My goal is to self-publish it as an e-book, and I've recently started to browse various sites offering those services.

I will use this blog to ask questions, discuss writing, share frustration and joy. I'd hope some of you will bear with me, and follow this project.

You could follow me on Twitter as well. There, I could be found as @Fighting_Death.

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  1. Yay for self-publishing! We need some solid authors who are willing to take that plunge. I'm going to supplement my self-published stuff with occasional work released through a publisher, just to give readers the confidence that I write well enough to be published by someone other than myself, but choose not to. I think the people who self-publish unedited crap spoil it for the rest of us!