Wednesday, October 19

First Excerpt

Earlier today, I opened my Facebook page by publishing a first excerpt from my book. It is a draft of the two opening paragraphs of the books.

The setting is a dorm party:
"I hope they just give him the needle. He so has it coming!"

"Are you serious? No, it’s just not right! The state is there to protect us, not killing those who break the rules. No, you listen to me. What gives a judge the right to kill, and is there really a civilized society out there if we continue to avenge murder with murder? The idea of an eye for an eye should have passed away with the burnings of the witches and slavery. I don’t care! A murderer is still a human being, not something for the state to kill to please voters, to create a stir and an illusion of safety and justice. Now, admit that you’re wrong. Either that or you are just as damaging to society than a murderer."
I can reassure you, that not much of the book would contain monologues, but this intro, I feel, is important to create the main character in the book. He is Jack Colson, and is the one mouthing that second paragraphs.

I'm not trying to push my story into a conform way of doing it, and hopefully I succeed. I will try to enlighten both political issues like the death penalty from more than this one side, but also create characters that are life-like and believable. As a new writer, I believe that this is my greatest challenge. In my mind, they spring to life, but it's up to me to make them live on paper as well.

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