Wednesday, October 19

The zero-word days

I have only been at this for a few weeks, but writing my own book has now become such an important part of my day that I really miss is when I don't get the chance to sit down at the computer and write. Yesterday was such a zero-word day. 

The best part of not sitting at a desk, hammering away on the keyboard, is that I could be elsewhere, namely outside. I have found that my phone is even more of a treasure now than before, because when I'm outside, taking a walk, I suddenly get new ideas for the story. New locations, new character traits, and new plot points. So, although I miss the joy of seeing the page count increase, I had a productive day. Today would be much of the same.

I have come to the point where my story is introduced, and I'm doing the hard crossover into the territory of the main storyline. Now I give myself time to adjust, and to get more thoughts jotted down on my phone, wherever I am, so that I have even more foundation to begin writing again.

I really hope that the story that is living its own life in my mind, would eventually make a good result on paper. Being published, even if it is self-publication, is probably going to feel pretty fantastic!


  1. Nice post! It's always a bummer when you have zero word count days, but like you said, you were productive. If you can do something with your writing everyday, you are ahead of the game. Even if you learn something new, research, plot out a story...etc....Good luck with your writing and much success!!!

  2. Thanks a lot! Hope you'd find my project interesting.